Earn and Learn

Here is a little look at Eliw’s recount on Earn and Learn

The 4/5/6’s have had the privilege of being able to participate in Earn and Learn. Earn and Learn is a fun subject where we learn how to be successful sellers and buyers. We sell fake things in our classroom (town/city). We invent our own store then make and create things to sell and for others buy. We made fake money and voted on a prime minister. My store is a newsagency; I work with Joag, Chlg, Conc and Kalp. I really enjoy Earn and Learn and hope we can continue doing it for as long as we can.

Footy Day

Hi everyone,

Here is a little comment from Joag regarding footy day.

Footy day

Yesterday we had footy day. I put my St Kilda jumper on with Jack Steven’s number 3 on it. When I got to school Sams, Adrs, Jarh and I were kicking the footy with a few kids from Strathmore Secondly College who came down to do the actives with us. When the bell went we ran upstairs and put our bags away and raced down to begin the parade. The parade was fun and when Carlton, Collingwood and Essendon we all booed. We had P.E after that and played badminton. Adrs and I played 5 games and we won them all easy.

After recces we had reading. We have been working on pulling apart articles. Mr M got us to choses our own footy articles. I picked one about Cameron Shenton resigning and it was really fun. We went outside and started the actives. In my group was Conc, Adrs, Rams, Astt and some others. Our first one was to jump over the hurdlers, contest and kick a goal. Then we did handball targets which was fun. We also played keepings off, number footy, agility poles and kick to kick. We went outside and then got our hot dogs which was good and played footy.

We came inside and went to better buddies and all we did was just standing in our places for when we share what we have learnt to the other grades. Today was really fun!!!

Hi Everyone

Hi all,

Well it has been a crazy and busy time but it is time to keep you all updated on what is happening in the Senior Learning Area.

With the Commonwealth Games just finished, we took the opportunity to research a commonwealth country and some famous athletes. We are now beginning to write some awesome poems.

In maths we have been researching the real costs of having a mobile phone and credit cards. We have been calculating yearly prices, interest rates and data plans.

In reading we have just finished the fantastic book Black Snake. We all really enjoyed reading this text and we now have an excursion planned for the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Earn and Learn has started and we are all excited about setting up our businesses. We have been managing to fit this in as well as take time to Participate in the Malaysian Project. We will keep you posted.

Speak to you all soon.

Preps First Day.

The preps first day

Today is the first day of school for the preps. They are all excited to be at school for the first time. They are so happy to have a buddy to look after them.

We went around to ask all the preps if they enjoyed their first day of school at Pascoe Vale Primary School.

Combining all of these answers it makes out to be a blast.

First Day Back

My 1st day of school.

Today was my 1st day at Pascoe Vale Primary School, I couldn’t contain my excitement. As I stared outside the window, I could see boys and girls that I went kinder and play group with.

Mr M took me out to the line and I was welcomed by the girls I met last year. After we went upstairs, I sat down at a table with my friends. We started to unpack and label our books.

All the seniors got together and we decided what we would participate at inter school sports. I chose softball. I was fielder and caught 2 runs.

I can’t wait until tomorrow.


By Avst.

Christmas Carols Night

Here is Joao’s 100 Words recount on the Christmas Carols Night.

Last night, my friends and I went to the school Christmas concert. It was a fantastic night, filled with joy and Christmas spirit. Our songs were Aussie Jingle Bells and Six White Boomers. We were supposed to wear a singlet, but I wore a Christmas t-shirt and crocs. All the grades did at least one song, and Mr F’s band did four. I was particularly impressed with the band, because the singers memorized the lyrics of four songs while the pianist and guitarist were able to play the tunes without any sheet music. It was an amazing and unforgettable night.

What is happening in the 5/6 area.

Hi all,

Here is a quick update from Jont.

This week is the fourth week of Term 3. The Grade 5/6s have departed PVPS and arrived at Waratah Bay for their three-day camp. Last Friday was Grandparents Day, when students were encouraged to bring along either a Grandparent or a Special Person. The Grade 5/6s made some poems with these wonderful people and we shared our work in areas of Writing, Reading and Maths. We also had the Australia’s Mathematics Competition. A total of around 35 students from PVPS took part in this. The paper was ridiculously hard, and I couldn’t even figure out the last five questions! There were 30 questions altogether, generally getting harder and harder as we went through the paper. Everyone was given one hour, starting at 2:30PM. The results will take more than a few weeks. The competing level was against your own year level in either your state or country. Grades 5/6s have begun putting together a writing portfolio on their blogs. The work which will be put up are: Information Text, Procedural Text, Poems, Resume, 100 Word Challenges and How Things Work. Several projects have been started and completed and we even drew our own Google Designs! Term 3 is progressing smoothly.